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Sacred Valley of Incas

Sacred Valley of Incas

EVERY DAY 9:00AM-18:30PM

I gather of the hotel at an hour indicated in the morning, the sacred valley understands the visit of 3 I centre archaeological of supreme importance, the first place of visit is the architectural complex of pisaq, very known by his excellent location in the top of the mountain and for his extraordinary agricultural terraces, later we will go down to Pisaq’s settlement where we will have a few minutes to take delight with the best works of crafts of the settlers on his handcrafted market. After this we continue course to the second attraction but before we do a stop for Urubamba’s city to enjoy a lunch buffet.

After the delicious lunch we follow in our trip this time course to the traditional population of Ollantaytambo where our guide should explain to us the possible uses and functions of this beautiful place, finally on returning to the Cusco we will visit the archaeological center of Chinchero, and of his typical handcrafted market.
I come back in the night to the city of the Cusco.


· Gather of the hotel in the morning.
· tourist Bus.
· professional Guide.
· Have lunch buffet in Urubamba (Restaurant Turístico)

COST FOR PASSENGER: alone sacred valley

· Foreign Adult: U$D 65.00Dolares Americans
· Foreign Student: U$D 55.00Dolares Americans



I gather from the hotel + income to the places of visit, in case of the Sacred Valley there is included the Lunch Buffet (Restaurant Wires) +Bus Tourist and Professional Guide.

· Foreign Adult: U$D 106.00 American Dollars.
· Foreign Student: U$D 82.00 American Dollars.riovilcanota

Accompanied during his tour for the river Urubamba or Vilcanota. On having visited the circuit it appreciates the peoples of Pisaq, Yucay, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero. In each of them there exist archaeological pre-Hispanic remains, which were constructed by the different Incas, using them as strengths and places of rest. Ideal places to realize handcrafted purchases.




pisac Located to 30 Kms. of the city of the Cusco, approximately 45 minutes of trip in autobus. The days Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays carry out fairs artesanalisen the principal square of the people, with the participation of the craftsmen of the whole people who support his productive activity in constant form along all the year round. To 9 Kms. of the people of Pisac, in the high of the mountains one finds the complex of andenerías or terraces of culture and constructions incaicas grouped in six citadels that shape the beautiful mas architectural and historical landscape of the zone.


Agricultural, administrative, religious, military and social complex to which the Spanish named Fortaleza, is to 97 km from Cusco.


Located in the District of Gangs, Urubamba’s Province, Region Cusco, to an altitude of 3,380 m.s.n.m., to Cusco’s distance of 48.880 km. From the settlement of Gangs two routes depart carrozables, one to Moray’s archaeological complex and other one to the salineras of Gangs, both with an approximate distance of 06 km. Of the population of Gangs it appreciates the range of covered with snow mountains of the Sacred Valley of The Incas and that of Vilcabamba.

chincheros Chincheros

He is to 3,700 m. S. n. m. The population lives in environments which foundations, sobrecimientos and walls of stone correspond to pre-Hispanic constructions, with colonial and current attachments.
The population preserves his typical, notable cloths for the quickness of his colors and designs, who practise the “barter” in the Sunday fairs, this is the change of a product for other one, as it was done in the times of the incanato, which does not exclude that the settlers realize also transactions of monetary character.


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